The path to professional

Want even more? You can get SCCA certified with this school and take your first steps to becoming a pro driver. And, if available, you can even add an extra day to a Two-Day M School or Advanced M School session and get qualified all at once.*

*Available at Thermal location only. Participants must call ahead for verification of their qualifications. Must complete Two-Day M School or Advanced M School within 12 months of taking this course.
For more information, please visit our FAQ page.

What you'll learn

Learn the colors

Green. Yellow. Red - no there aren’t any traffic lights on the track. But there are flags, and you’ll learn what each represents while you’re out there to maintain safety. This culminates in a final flag test, an official part of your SCCA application process.

Don’t let off

When is it safe to pass? Hint: not all the time. Here, we’ll break down passing technique, application and etiquette. Understand what appropriate passing is, and the differing approaches to handle a braking zone leading up to the corner when considering a pass.

Practice race starts

In racing, how you start can impact how you finish, and we’ll show you how to get started right in both a rolling double and single file. In addition, we’ll practice the rules and expectations while following a pace car.

Sandwich Lapping

No, not lunch in the car. While M School has you follow the instructor through guided laps, here the instructor has you leading each lap while the instructor coaches on the radio from behind. They’ll help you understand the appropriate level of brake application, turn-in, apex and track out.

Race Talk

We get it – your first race will be exhilarating, but there’s a lot to consider. Our instructors are here throughout the weekend to answer questions and provide advice as you gear up for your own racing career.

Sunshine and sports cars

Thermal, California

Set against the backdrop of a beautiful mountain range, The Thermal Club is an exclusive track that offers three unique layouts, plus our own challenge course to encourage maximum thrills.

Pro instructors

Our professional driving instructors have years of racing experience and are with you every step of the way, from classroom sessions to on-track guidance and feedback.

We practice challenge-by-choice, so you’re always at a level of performance that you feel comfortable with.

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