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Get your BMW fix, even if you only have a few free hours. The Experiences below offer samples of what many of our classes feature. It’s a full-on thrill, without the full day.

Indy experience

BMW M and Motorsport Experience at Indy

Join us on August 4th or 5th at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. This event features four driving exercises on the track; Lead-Follow, Drag Racing, Timed Autocross and rides in an M4 GT4.

Morning and afternoon sessions are available. A meal is included.

Space is limited. Reserve now to ensure your seat is there waiting for you.

Call 888-345-4269 to book your seat!

Price: $499 per half-day session

Time: 8:30-12:00, or 1:00-4:30



Enjoy a sample of the many of the vehicles we have at the Performance Center. Take the wheel of a BMW X vehicle as you follow an instructor through our challenging off-road course. Then, head to the track and rotate between various BMW vehicles, driving each through tight corners and fast straightaways*. Finally, buckle up in the passenger seat for a hot lap with one of our instructors as they drift and accelerate around the track. It’s a ride you won’t soon forget.

*Exercises are subject to change without prior notice.

Have a private group larger than 6? Try our Group Events package here.

Price: $299 | Time: 2 hours



This is the real deal. Featuring our most powerful and responsive vehicles, you'll get behind the wheel for six exhilarating laps at one of three Thermal Club racing circuits in California. Follow an instructor's car for a warm-up lap as they quickly bring you up to speed. Then, try to keep their car in your sights as speeds and G forces increase, pushing your M Car to its considerable limits. Can you keep up with them while maintaining control?

Price: $299

Time: Up to 1 hour

Ultimate track experience

A smorgasbord of performance

You’ll have the opportunity to drive BMW M vehicles in a Lead Follow exercise on Thermal tracks as you try to keep up with instructors. Then head to the autocross track for runs in multiple vehicles, from the nimble MINI Cooper S to the powerful BMW M2. End with a thrilling hot lap, where you ride with a professional BMW driving instructor for a true display of M Power on the exclusive Thermal South Palm track. Morning and afternoon sessions available with lunch provided in each.

*Available at our West Coast location with limited availability throughout the year.

Price: $399

Time: 4 hours



The BMW Performance Center will often host trips to unique driving destinations around the world such as Sweden and the famous Nürburgring located in Germany. Each excursion is guided by one of our accomplished driving instructors – providing guidance on local roads and beyond. To find out more information, enter your name and email address in the fields below, and a representative will reach out to you.



The BMW Track Meet is an enjoyable driving and dining event that elevates business networking, client entertaining and gift-giving to a whole new level. This half-day gathering includes a delicious chef-prepared lunch, three exhilarating driving sessions in a fleet of brand-new BMWs and a hot lap around the track with a BMW pro at the wheel. The afternoon is capped off at a private reception with hors d’oeuvres and beverages at the BMW Performance Center.

Price: $499

Time: 5 hours



Every instructor at the BMW Performance Center has years of professional racing experience under their belts. Spend a day with them at the track for one-on-one instruction, and their sole focus becomes making you a better driver. Available upon request, private instruction can make for both a memorable experience and training to propel you to the next level of driving competition.

East coast $400 per hour, 2 hour minimum

West coast $450 per hour, 2 hour minimum

Racing License INSTRUCTION

Become the real thing

If you’ve had a taste of speed and feel you’ve got the right stuff, the BMW Performance Center can help you get started on your path to become a professional racecar driver. Our professional driving instructor will give you plenty of one-on-one time to hone your skills and truly become one with the car.

Also available is a training program for BMW M4 GT4 racecars, where we teach you the ins-and-outs of both the car’s limits and your own.



Being a member of the BMW Car Club of America has many perks, and they include 15 percent off at the BMW Performance Center’s CCA Member Day. Available at both the East and West coast locations, you’ll be able to get instruction in the latest BMW models, push them to their limits and get in for a hot lap with an instructor. It’s a day of BMW, and it’s only available for CCA members.

New Owner’s Track Drive

Welcome to the track

Congratulations! You’ve just bought a brand new BMW. No doubt you understand what makes each model best-in-class, but what about best-on-track?

Each new BMW that’s purchased in 2021 comes with the opportunity to book two seats behind the wheel of a variety of BMWs, where you’ll experience driving at the limit. With the guidance of our professional instructors and the safety of our closed course, you’ll feel ready to tackle any challenge.

Complimentary for you and one guest. Additional guests seats are $299 each.

Please have your VIN, date of sale and location of your BMW Center ready when you call.