ONE-day m school

From $1,750

become master of m

Settle into the M Sport Seat, grab the wheel, take a deep breath and step on it. M School is all about limits, and you'll discover just how high we set them with adrenaline-pumping exercises designed to bring out your inner M.

What you'll learn

Slip, then grip

Take one M car. Add water, subtract grip. Feel the difference between under- and oversteer, and learn to control the back of the car with throttle. Get it right, and you’ll start to glide through our polished concrete skidpad with ease.

Technical Perfection

These tracks are set up to be short, with aggressive turns that require a balance between throttle and brake. You’ll learn this dance by looking as far ahead as possible and planning the proper drive lines through compromise corners.

Floor it

Your ability to maintain focus will be tested. Cycle through multiple M cars and experience high speeds for sustained periods.

Claw for first

Wet tarmac. An oval track. And you, lined up on the opposite side of your foe. Step on it and see if you can catch up to them. But be alert - no traction control allowed here.

Race the Clock

Once you’ve mastered the autocross section, you’ll head back in the afternoon for some timed runs against the other drivers. Smoothness is the key here. Win the day and you’ll be Master of M.

Two tracks. One goal.

Spartanburg, South Carolina

Fast turns, a back straight perfect for speed exercises and a polished wet concrete skid pad make our Spartanburg track the perfect place to hone your driving skills.

Thermal, California

Set against the backdrop of a beautiful mountain range, The Thermal Club is an exclusive track that offers three unique layouts, plus our own challenge course to encourage maximum thrills.

Power. Poise. Precision.

Each M car offers the same core of performance while bringing something unique to the table. Experience them all during your stay.

The BMW M2 Competition

The mighty M2 might be small, but its power and stability pair perfectly with our autocross.

The BMW M4

A perfect balance of precision and power, the BMW M4 is an ace on the track with 444 horsepower on tap.

The BMW M5 Competition

The first BMW M sedan with M xDrive, you’ll get to experience how this amazing technology helps to control 617 horsepower.

The BMW M8 Competition

The svelte looks of the BMW 8 Series combined with 617 horses and M xDrive provide you with one incredible ride.

Pro instructors

Our professional driving instructors have years of racing experience and are with you every step of the way, from classroom sessions to on-track guidance and feedback.

We practice challenge-by-choice, so you’re always at a level of performance that you feel comfortable with.

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