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Get a little mud on your screen as you join our Chief Riding Instructor for a ride through the BMW U.S. Rider Academy off-road course. If this gets your heart rate up, imagine what two full days of riding can do.

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A rider since the age of 17 with 12 podium finishes in Motocross racing, Richard Few knows his way around a track. He also knows how students have different needs and wants, and adapts instruction techniques to each individual. Students are challenged to be open-minded and expect the unexpected; an easy way to get them to learn and change their riding behavior is the Washboards and Ruts exercise. His advice: “Stay within your limits until they are broadened by proper practice and training.”
As a BMW Motorrad Factory rider, TV stand-in and celebrity trainer, Gary Hardin urges riders, “Get PROPER motorcycle instruction. There’s a tremendous difference between ‘operating’ and ‘riding’ a motorcycle!” A WERA racer, he urges students to focus and plan several steps ahead, and to be prepared for anything. Students gain confidence in their newfound abilities, especially during his favorite Academy exercises: Off-road, Downhill Descents and On-road Cornering.
A first-year trainer at the BMW Rider Academy, Michael Hardin grew up riding dirt bikes in the mountains of South Carolina. His students learn to stay focused and avoid distractions – especially during Emergency Braking at Highway Speeds, his favorite course. And although BMW bikes include traction control, Hardin makes sure students first learn how to handle their bikes without it. His most important advice: “You don’t know what you don’t know. Get professional instruction!”
She grew up riding dirt bikes and ATVs, and bought her first sportbike at 18. Today, Melinda Justus is an internationally recognized trainer at the Riding Academy. And while advanced technologies like traction control are integrated into BMW bikes, Justus believes it’s key that students first learn how to operate them proficiently without it. “Keep your eyes up – and take these courses!” – advice she uses to help her students become proficient riders and achieve a sense of accomplishment.
Aaron Rankin’s students range from law enforcement officers to racecar drivers. His goal is to help riders develop confidence in their abilities and achieve a feeling of accomplishment, all with an emphasis on safety – both theirs and others. “It is not the speed that gets you. It’s the sudden stop that hurts!” But no matter how advanced the bike or experienced the rider, “You can never receive too much training. Sign up for classes, trust what the instructor tells you and always practice!”
Greg Reynolds is a racer who started riding mountain bikes in his teens and off-road motorcycles in his twenties. In addition to competing in the GNCC and NEPG, Reynolds took third overall in the NCHSA Pro Class 2009 and 2010, and third overall in the Mid East Racing 2011. But despite his need for speed, Reynolds’ favorite teaching exercise is Emergency Braking. His advice for new riders? “Take the classes that are offered at the BMW Performance Center – and practice your newfound skills!”
A motorcycle rider since the age of 7, Ricardo Rodriguez’s twin passions are bikes and teaching. For many years, this BMW Rider Academy pro has given riding confidence to everyone from police to teens, both here in the U.S. and abroad. Emergency Braking (with and without ABS and traction control), Avoidance and Tight Circles are his favorite exercises; rider safety is his major concern. Advice to new riders? “Always look where you want to go, and be as smooth as possible with your controls.”

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featured motorcycles at the BMW U.S. rider academy.

The BMW R nineT successfully blends standout style with modern riding technology. Its ability to be easily customized means that no two R nineTs are alike, and a distinctive boxer motor produces a sound as unique as the bike’s looks.

Horsepower: 110
Torque: 88 lb-ft
Weight: 489 lbs
Top Speed: 125+ mph
Seat Height: 30.9"


A balanced bike with excellent handling characteristics, the F 700 GS can tackle both on- and off-road challenges with equal poise. Its light weight means easy maneuverability around our track.

Horsepower: 75
Torque: 57 lb-ft
Weight: 461 lbs
Top Speed: 119 mph
Seat Height: 32.3"


An electronically adjustable suspension and advanced off-road traction control allow the F 800 GS Adventure to go places that many other bikes would fear. And its large-capacity fuel tank means you can go farther into that unknown.

Horsepower: 85
Torque: 61 lb-ft
Weight: 505 lbs
Top Speed: 120 mph
Seat Height: 35.0"


A true icon, the R 1200 GS is the most prolific motorcycle BMW has ever produced, and with good reason. A rigid frame, advanced engine-management control and adjustable riding modes allow this bike to tackle almost any condition.

Horsepower: 125
Torque: 92 lb-ft
Weight: 525 lbs
Top Speed: 125+ mph
Seat Height: 33.5" / 34.3"


Built for taking on the toughest roads in the world, the R 1200 GS Adventure will be your ride for many off-road classes. With ample power available from its two-cylinder four-stroke engine and a rugged chassis, it’s well suited to be your off-roading ride.

Horsepower: 125
Torque: 92 lb-ft
Weight: 573 lbs
Top Speed: 125+ mph
Seat Height: 35.0" / 35.8"