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BMW U.S. Rider Academy

Learn basics you’ll use every day.

Your day starts with a short classroom session that goes over basic bike control and vision techniques. Moving beyond what Motorcycle Safety Foundation or Experienced Rider Courses teach, we’ll reset your riding brain and get you ready to move out to the road course.

blocks to build on.

Learn controlled clutch and throttle movement, low-speed maneuverability and overall balance. These form the foundation of a good rider and, throughout the morning, you’ll practice these techniques in a setting that will enhance your real-world safety and enjoyment.

speed and control go hand in hand.

In the afternoon, speeds will increase, and lessons learned in the morning session will be put into play at a faster pace. Review proper braking technique, correct riding lines and accident avoidance. By practicing them, you’ll be better prepared to handle emergency situations.

a hot lap to remember.

At the end of the day, you’ll combine all the skills learned and put them into use for some hot laps around the test track. Find the correct lines, remember braking points and utilize proper vision to navigate swiftly around the course. What’s learned out here can bring you even more joy each time you go out for a ride.


This one-day course begins with a short classroom session, followed by going over your bike’s operations and track time. After a complimentary lunch, you’ll head back out for advanced exercises and some full laps around the track. We practice challenge by choice, which means we encourage students to go at a pace they feel comfortable with.

Also available is an All Women's On-Road Class, featuring the same curriculum with added elements specifically for women as recommended by leading female industry influencers and professionals.

You can choose to use one of our bikes, or bring your own BMW Motorcycle.

$635 - use your own BMW bike
$795 - Use one of ours

call 1-888-345-4BMW to reserve your seat.


    from the best

Only five percent of the world’s roads are paved. But even if no exotic trips are planned, you’re still bound to find a steep grade or gravel road. Having been trained at the BMW off-road facility in Hechlingen, Germany, our instructors are qualified to help you overcome the Academy’s many obstacles and prepare you for varied conditions.

build from the    
ground up

Meant to inspire confidence, each basic exercise – like slow riding, steering techniques and figure 8s – will help increase your comfort level behind the handlebars. Our instructors practice challenge by choice, so everyone goes at a pace they feel comfortable with.

loose grip
    tight control

Off-road surfaces can vary greatly, and each will affect your bike’s grip in different ways. Learning how to come to a controlled stop on these surfaces is vital, and we’ll cover how in a series of braking exercises designed to instill confidence. Finally, our instructors will demonstrate how to pick up your bike and get you back on the trail.


A big hill is no reason to turn around and head back home. In the Enduro Skills course, you’ll learn how to control the throttle to move the bike up a steep incline with limited traction. Once at the top, ride down at a smooth pace by using the clutch and brakes together. Our hills are lined up in succession, so learning this exercise is about both smoothness and overall riding confidence.

    to ride

At the end of the Enduro Skills course, we’ll encourage some friendly competition in the sand and dirt. Traverse through water, turn on loose gravel, and keep your balance through muddy earth. Come away with dirty gear, new riding ability and the knowledge that you’ll be able to safely go to a lot more places with your bike.