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m means more.

Any BMW with the letter M in its name promises ultimate performance, and the BMW M School is where you can go to experience more. More power, control, speed and adreneline. A class here will test your own limits, and leave you with more of something else. Skill.

what you'll learn.


M cars feature incredible power that will push you into the back of your seat. Our instructors will teach you how to apply throttle smoothly when exiting a turn and entering a straightaway.


Everything we teach on the track can be applied on real-world roads. With cornering, we'll show you how to keep your eyes as far down the track as possible. We'll also recalibrate your driving brain to focus on things like which tire has the most grip, and when to apply or let off the brakes.


Learn to drive a BMW through turns in a controlled slide. This exhilarating lesson will have you using the throttle to control the rear end of the car, and learning how to countersteer while keeping the car pointed in the direction you want to travel.


Understanding when to brake, and how to avoid brake fade, are key elements to high-performance driving. The BMW M School will allow you to explore the limits of an M car's amazing brake capabilities, while keeping the car pointed where you want it to go and decreasing reaction time.



You can't beat physics, but you can try. This school is about learning, understanding and practicing the basics of dynamic driving. Instructors jump right in to developing skill and technique with a brief classroom discussion. Then it's out to the track. Practice finding the proper driving line, braking into a corner, panic braking and the difference between slipping and a controlled drift. After a morning session of adrenaline pumping action, we break for lunch. The second half of the day sees you putting your new skills into action with our autocross, timed laps and skid pad time. This is one class you definitely want to graduate from.*

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* Class participants must be 18 years old with a valid driver’s license.



The first day of this school includes every heartrate-raising exercise from One Day M School, setting up a good base for day two; focusing on more of the details. After a brief refresher in the classroom, you'll drift the wet skidpad for figure 8s, practice proper vision and driving the line, learn to brake to maximize speed and minimize time and controlling the car through uneven stretches of tarmac. Each exercise builds upon the previous one, giving you the skillset you need to really shred some tires consistently.

In the end, you'll be able to string together all the lessons learned and harness all that M power into a single fast lap around the track. What you've learned will carry through to both your own track days and everyday drives.

includes ground transportation, hotel and meals
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BMW M vehicles provide a dose of adrenaline each time you drive them, and the M Driver's Program* will give you some insight into how much breathtaking performance these vehicles really have.

This unique one-day class will pair you with one other driver as you start in a classroom learning the basics like driving the perfect line.
Then head out to the vehicle's natural habitat: the racetrack.
Participate in pulse-pounding exercises like wet skid-pad drifting, accelerating and high-speed lane changing while maintaining total vehicle control. Finally, get behind an instructor for lead-follow lapping.
They will show you the ideal line gradually until you're pushing your M as hard as you can. Can you keep up with them?*

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* If you've purchased the M Driver's Program with your BMW, you will receive a welcome package and instructions to redeem a voucher.
Please call 1-888-345-4BMW to redeem the voucher as it cannot be redeemed through online registration.


M school

The faint of heart need not apply.

For graduates of M School, BMW offers the next level: Advanced M School. Held at our Thermal, California location, the School takes place over two-and-a-half days and will let you experience the full capabilities of an M vehicle.

Imagine over 400 horsepower at your disposal, an open track and nothing to hold you back. You'll receive personalized direction from our instructors as they guide you through each section, letting you build up speed with each attempt until you've mastered it. Accelerate, corner, brake and drive harder and faster than you ever have before. Repetition is the key here, and after two full days of driving action, you'll be able to piece it all together for a full run around the course. Do you have what it takes to post the best time and take home bragging rights?

Participants must call ahead for verification of their qualifications.
We allow graduates of the one-day M School, as well as other driving experiences.


FEBRUARY 24-26, 2019 - Participants will arrive on February 24th, and drive on February 25th and 26th.
MARCH 31- APRIL 2, 2019 - Participants will arrive on March 31st, and drive on April 1st and 2nd.
MAY 5-7, 2019 - Participants will arrive on May 5th, and drive on May 6th and 7th.
OCTOBER 6-8, 2019 - Participants will arrive on October 6th, and drive on October 7th and 8th.

for more information, call 1-888-345-4269

speed isn't the only accommodation.

thermal, California

Guests may choose from two options for accommodations

stay and play

Our Two-Day and Advanced M Schools include a two-night stay at the beautiful Miramonte Resort and Spa. Your meals are provided, including dinner at the hotel on the arrival night, gourmet breakfast both days and a gourmet track-side dinner after your first day of driving. We provide ground transportation to and from the hotel to the track and a lot of camaraderie.

live like a local

If you live locally, or choose to stay at one of the other amazing resorts to explore Palm Springs and its amazing dining options, we offer special pricing that includes a gourmet track side dinner after the first day of driving.

Please let your reservationist know which package you prefer and we will make all other arrangements.

+- 1 day m school
+- 2 day m school
+- M driver's program
+- advanced m school

greenville-spartanburg, south carolina

Participants in Two-Day and Advanced M School will be given a two-night stay at the Greenville Marriott. Also included in your stay will be a voucher from the hotel for a welcome dinner, two breakfast vouchers, ground transportation to and from the track and dinner at the Performance Center with the instructors after the first day of class.

Please note that there is no option to choose your own accommodations in South Carolina

+- 1 day m school
+- 2 day m school
+- M driver's program