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one-day teen school - $849

Warm-up Slalom: Getting students comfortable behind the wheel.
Panic Braking: ABS braking in a straight line and while cornering at speeds up to 55 mph.
Skid Pad Training: Understanding Dynamic Stability Control and how it intervenes.
Emergency Lane Change: Emphasizing vision and control at the handling limit.
Handling Course: Lapping to develop a feel for the limit of traction while accelerating, braking and cornering.
Water Walls: Avoid obstacles while driving distracted.
Teen Challenge Course: Obstacle course including braking, lane change slalom, wet and dry track surfaces.

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two-day teen school - $1,699

The following activities are included in Two-Day Teen School in addition to the first day’s activities.
Double Lane Change: Executing two opposite-direction lane changes.
Skid Pad Training: Utilizing both directions on wet and dry skid pad.
Interstate Braking: ABS braking at speeds up to 70 mph.
Off-road Course: Drive X vehicles off-road.
Performance Drive: Drive various BMW models, where drivers must adapt to different vehicles on our handling course.

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We’ve redefined seat time.

what you'll learn

Wet skid pad.

Actually losing control of your car can be an eye-opening experience. In this exercise, you'll try to do it on purpose. Practice understeer and oversteer conditions at the limit on our wet skid pad.

Panic Braking.

Controlling your car during panic braking means more than just pressing firmly on the pedal. Here, you’ll travel in a straight line and stop in as short a distance as possible while engaging ABS. Then move on to panic braking while turning your car around a corner, learning how far to look ahead.

Understanding Stability control.

Dynamic Stability Control is standard on every BMW, and it can mean the difference between maintaining control and heading off course. Your instructor will turn this system off for the first part of this exercise, showing you how far you can push the car at the limit. Then, we’ll engage the system to demonstrate how it intervenes and helps you maintain control in a variety of conditions.

Lane Change.

This isn’t your normal lane change maneuver. We’ll simulate a sudden obstacle in your path that will force you to make a quick high-speed change of direction, then point the car back into your original lane. Look at where you want the car to go, and you’ll master this exercise.

Timed laps.

At the end of each day, you’ll combine everything you’ve learned and take your BMW through a timed lap around our track. Control the car through understeer and oversteer conditions, learn the correct driving line, utilize proper vision and remember to control the car through panic-braking situations. Can you come out with the best time of the day?

school offerings

one-day driver’s school - $849

Learn the basics of car control at One-Day School. Start with a 45-minute classroom session to go over key concepts, then take it to the track for exercises involving the wet skid pad and panic braking. After lunch, you’ll head back for the Handling Course, and finally a timed lap to bring together everything learned that day. It’ll make your morning coffee seem redundant.

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two-day driver’s school - $1,699

Two-Day School includes everything from One-Day School, plus the Double Lane Change Course and interstate braking from 70 mph. Then, you’ll head to the Off-Road Course to pilot X vehicles through adverse conditions.* Finally, enjoy a Performance Drive, where you can take three different BMW models around our track, and learn the unique handling characteristics of each. Prepare for two full days of adrenaline.

* Off-road course available only at our South Carolina location.

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