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bmw FAQ


Listed below are some common questions regarding driving programs offered by bmw.
For additional help, please call us at 1-888-345-4BMW.

  1. 1. What kinds of vehicles does the BMW Performance Center use?

    We always have the most recent model-year BMWs on hand, including X, M and i vehicles.

  2. 2. Are cars with a manual transmission offered?

    While we do not offer traditional manual transmissions, many of our vehicles are equipped with the latest performance automatic and dual-clutch transmissions that offer manual control.

  3. 3. Can I drive my own vehicle at the BMW Performance Center?

    All classes require the use of a BMW Performance Center vehicle.

  4. 4. Are any classic BMW models available to drive at the school?

    No. We keep only the most recent model-year vehicles on hand for classes.

  5. 5. Are there any driving requirements for attending the school?

    You must be at least 15 years old with a valid driver’s permit for Teen School. All other schools you must be 18 years old and must present a valid driver’s license upon check-in. No prior performance-driving experience is required except for Advanced M School, which requires previous participation in regular M School or an equivalent performance driving school.

  6. 6. Is the track set up as an autocross?

    The track will have sections set up with cones; however, most events take place on road courses.

  7. 7. Can I drive my new BMW on the track?

    No. However, when you pick up your vehicle, we will offer track time in a vehicle similar to the one you’ve ordered.

  8. 8. How can I book a Group or Corporate Event?

    Since each experience is custom-tailored to your specific needs, we ask that you call the Performance Center at 1-888-345-4BMW to book any special event.

  9. 9. How large is the average class?

    Class sizes average from 12 to15 people. If you would like to book a specific date that is already full, please contact the Performance Center at 1-888-345-4BMW to have your name put on a waiting list.

  10. 10. How much driving time do I get in a full day?

    Teen, Driver’s and M School all start at 8 am and go until about 4:30 pm. Morning classroom sessions average 45 minutes, and there is a half-hour lunch break around 12:30 pm. Before each exercise, an instructor will go over the objective with you for 10 to15 minutes. Otherwise, you are behind the wheel of an Ultimate Driving Machine.®

  11. 11. Do you cancel an event because of inclement weather?

    Every event we have scheduled is held rain or shine, so bring clothing appropriate for the day’s activities. If severe weather does cause us to close, we will reschedule your event for a later date.

  12. 12. What kind of clothing should I wear to the school?

    Dress comfortably. T-shirts, jeans and shorts are allowed. Most important, please have comfortable, closed shoes for driving (thin soles are best).

  13. 13. What is your cancellation policy?

    Cancellations for a full refund must be made within 120 days of your payment date. Cancellations made after the 120 days of payment will receive a credit to use toward another date or event. There will be no rescheduling if the cancellation is made within 14 days of your school or event.