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If you don’t have a full day to spend with us, or are just looking for a sample of the things we do here at the MINI Driving Experience, try a Driving Experience. No matter what you choose, you’ll be behind the wheel of a MINI with a smile on your face.

mini track drive.

MINI track time, maximum motoring. Get in and get familiar with your MINI in short order, then get on the track for some handling, braking and autocross exercises. Then, try to keep up with one of our instructors as they take the lead position and guide you around the course. End the session with a hot lap, where an instructor will show you just what exactly a MINI can do.

Price: $499
Times: 8am-11:30am, or 1pm-4:30pm

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mini tours.

These tours perfectly blend road and track together into one perfect MINI experience. Choose the one-day program and start off at our Thermal track for MINI fun, then head out on the road for some scenic driving, followed by a charming dining experience. The two-day tour includes lodging for two, meals and even more time behind the wheel of a MINI. Either tour will have you walking away with all your senses satisfied.


group events.

MINI has an irrepressible spirit that shines through in both our cars and every experience surrounding them. With our Group and Corporate events, that same spirit can carry through to every member of your team. Incorporating both track and work time, and with Internet access, conference rooms and gourmet dining options, the Performance Center can tailor any MINI event to suit your specific needs.

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